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Welcome to the support service for the University of Edinburgh Alumni Email Service.

Service Updates

Alias Logon Access Restored

Last Updated: 21-May-2015 12:26

Dear members - please be advised that as of this evening we have restored username alias access to client logins for any EXISTING account registered on or before 21/May/2015. We will be asking everyone to update settings over the coming weeks to use their actual email address as their login username but for now this should ensure any ongoing connection problems are resolved. Thank you for your patience whilst we have addressed this issue. 

Email client not working? Help finding your primary email address

Last Updated: 19-May-2015 06:08

In our previous service news post, it was mentioned that you will temporarily need to use your primary email address on any email client (such as a mobile phone, via gmail, or a program such as Outlook or Mac Mail) in order to connect to our servers.

If you are still having problems connecting with your email client or device, please log in to the following page and check your primary address:

If the address you are shown is different than what you are currently using, please update your email client settings accordingly. You will need to change any 'Email address' and 'Username' fields.

For further assistance please email


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