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I can't Migrate my Student Emails! Is there another way to do this?

If you are experiencing an error when attempting to use the automatic email migration button, please use the below instructions to manually migrate your student emails to your alumni account.

Please note that if your student account has now closed, you will need to re-open your student account in order to attempt importing your emails again. Unfortunately we can't help with this, please contact the University IT team using the information on the following page and they will be happy to help you:

Manual migration process:

1. Log into the MyEd Alumni Portal

2. Click on the Email tab along top row

3. Click Launch Webmail to open your alumni email account

4. Click Options

5. Click Import External Email or Import your old email into this account:

6. In the IMAP Import form, please enter the details below

  • IMAP Server:
  • Server Requires Secure? Tick this box
  • Username: Enter your own UUN in this format e.g
  • Password: Enter your EASE password here

7. Click Begin IMAP Import. Be careful to only do this once.

8. Select the folders you wish to import. Ensure folders containing emails you wish to migrate are ticked.

9. Click Migrate All Selected Folders

And that's it. Your emails will now be queued to migrate. This process may take a few days to complete.