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I don't think I am receiving any emails.

If an email that you are expecting has not arrived in your inbox, there are several steps you can follow in order to determine the cause:

  • Check the junk & trash folders: Sometimes emails may be flagged as spam by mistake. If you have not received an email to your inbox, you can check the junk and trash folders of your account. If the email is in one of these folders, you may wish to add the address to your Whitelist. You can find out more about whitelisting an email in our help guide here.
  • Check if your account is set to auto-forward: If your Account is has been set up with a forwarding address, any emails you receive may be automatically sent on to another address and not kept within your inbox. For a guide on forwarding and how to find these settings, please see our help guide here.
  • Confirm that the sender has used the correct address: Please double check that the sender of the email has used your correct email address to send to. The address sent to must match your email address, or it will not reach your account. You may also wish to confirm if the sender received a bounce message or not.
If you can't find an email that you were expecting to be delivered to your inbox, please contact our helpdesk at with as much detail as possible about the email.

Please include details of your Email Address, the sending email address, and the Date/Time the email was sent. We will be able to check our server logs for details of what happened to the email.