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How do I import my emails and contacts from another email account?

One-off Email Data Migration (Method: IMAP Connection)

Our simple migration tool within webmail is the easiest way to pull down your email. It is available under Options > "Import External Email" once you have logged into webmail. On the right hand side you will see the IMAP Import section. Enter in the login details of the account you wish to migrate and press Begin.

There may be server information already in the IMAP Server box.  You will need to change this to the server relevant to the account you are importing from. 

Manual Email Data Migration (Method: Client Drag and Drop)

This way to move data from your previous account involves setting up both accounts within an email program such as Outlook or Thunderbird. Once you have access to both accounts, you can simply drag and drop emails from your old account to your new one.

Note that you should make sure that your Edinburgh account is set up using the IMAP protocol. There is a help article available to assist in setting up your mail client.

Address Book Migration (CSV export-import)

Migrating your address book from another email system is very easy. Simply log in to that email account and select the option to export your address book. Save it in a place you will remember (e.g. on your desktop) and give it a name such as addressbook.csv. Most decent clients will allow you to export to CSV.

An optional but recommended step would be to open the file first in Excel. Excel can read CSV files and this will allow you to quickly correct any mistakes in the export. Each address book entry should be on its own line. Make sure to save the file as a CSV (Comma or Tab Delimited File) before you upload it. Do NOT save as an Excel spreadsheet.

Log into your Alumni Email Service account and click on ADDRESSES. Near the bottom you will see "Import CSV file". Click on browse and select your saved exported address book. Click on "Import CSV File".

On the next window you will have to define which columns are to be used as nicknames, email addresses etc. It should be fairly obvious. Entries corresponding to GROUPS are not yet supported. You can place a tick next to rows you wish to exclude from the import.

Click FINISH at the top and you are done.